Hello I am Tyson and yes that's me in the photo above. I know the name can be misleading, but I am a female. :-)

Remember when you were younger trying to figure out what you wanted to be when you "grow up"? Well it took me 33 years, but I finally figured it out. After getting a bachelors in computer science and working 13 years as a software engineer, I've found a career that I love and which allows me to touch other people's lives.

What started out as a hobby and a way to document my own travels, experiences and history eventually became a passion. The more I learned and grew my photography skills I came to realize I love telling other people's stories through portraiture. That is how Tyson Pough Photography came into existence.

Portrait sessions shouldn't be just about the portrait. Portrait sessions should immortalize the love a family shows for one another; they should show your personalities, the enthusiasm of a toddler, the peacefulness of a newborn, the individuality of a high school senior, your sense of style, your boldness.... I can go on and on.

Are you ready to tell your story? I can help with that!